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The Next Evolution of Drone Services & Technology

Volatus Aerospace &
Drone Delivery Canada


As the true value of drone technology becomes clear, we are now entering the next phase of maturity as an industry. Just like the automobile industry went from many players to a select few in today’s market, the drone industry is undergoing a period of consolidation with the goal of unlocking synergies and leveraging each other’s strengths in the process. Knowing that we can be stronger together, Volatus Aerospace and Drone Delivery Canada are planning to join forces in a merger expected to close in the third quarter of 2024.

To date, Drone Delivery Canada has built advanced, competitive drone cargo solutions that are now ready to go to market. We believe that Volatus Aerospace, by focusing on drone services, training, and equipment sales, is well positioned to commercialize their technologies.  

While the drone cargo market is still in its early stage, there are significant revenue-generating opportunities today for remote operations. There is high demand for reliable, autonomous, green aerial services, especially in the oil and gas, power utilities, maritime, and arctic sectors. The key motivator for this merger of equals is to transition the industry from individual visual line of sight drone-pilot operations to beyond visual line of sight remote operations into a scalable many-to-many model. The merged company will be able to immediately leverage existing global opportunities in these sectors, offering on-demand remote data intelligence at scale through its Operations Control Center , which can fly multiple aircraft simultaneously anywhere in the world and is already in operation daily with room to scale.  

By combining Volatus’ existing drone services with Drone Delivery Canada’s proven expertise in cargo drone delivery and remote operations, the merger unlocks synergies for commercialization, including leveraging key achievements in transporting dangerous goods and medical products as well as routine drone flights in controlled airspace in major metropolitan areas in Canada by Drone Delivery Canada.


  • 50/50 merger of equals, creating a global diversified drone technology and services leader. 
  • Combined company will be called “Volatus Aerospace Corp.”, leveraging the Volatus global name and brand, while maintaining Drone Delivery Canada’s name and brand for cargo operations. 
  • Shared management team led by Glen Lynch (CEO of Volatus) and Steve Magirias (CEO of Drone Delivery Canada) with current Volatus board chairman, Ian McDougall, to become chairman of the combined company’s board.  
  • Combined company anticipated to be cash flow neutral by the fourth quarter of 2024 and accelerate achievement of profitability goals in 2025, through a combination of immediate cost synergies and identified revenue opportunities.  
  • Transaction anticipated to close in the third quarter of 2024. 

This page outlines the pivotal assets and business advantages driving this merger.


Join Steve Magirias, CEO of Drone Delivery Canada, and Glen Lynch, CEO of Volatus Aerospace as they discuss the transformative merger of equals. During the event they will outline the specifics of the merger of equals and how this next evolutionary step for both companies will help revolutionize how drones are used for tasks like deliveries, inspections, and surveillance by shifting toward more advanced, beyond visual line of sight operations and the scalable management of drone fleets by remote pilots.

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Founded in 2014, Drone Delivery Canada’s award-winning technologies represent an entire ecosystem for drone delivery services, including ground-based infrastructure, proprietary drones, delivery systems, an operations control center (OCC), and fully integrated software systems to manage the logistics, flight planning, and operation of drones.

operations control centre

The Operations Control Center (OCC) is a cutting-edge, controlled access facility with multiple operator stations and is capable of 4+ hours of off-grid functionality. To date, the OCC has conducted more than 7,000 flights, travelling a distance of more than 20,000 km, with operations as far as 3,300 km away from the OCC. Staffed by highly qualified operators, weekly operations out of the OCC include flights at Edmonton International Airport and medical supply deliveries in Toronto, including the delivery of dangerous goods. 

Near-term opportunities include inspection drones for Volatus customers, Aerieport demonstrations, contract services for drone OEMs, and surveillance drones for civil and defense markets. Additionally, the OCC can leverage Drone Delivery Canada’s ecosystem for cargo operations in less regulated foreign markets. 


Drone Delivery Canada’s FLYTE software is a comprehensive solution for managing autonomous drone operations, particularly in drone logistics and delivery. FLYTE is a complete solution for autonomous drone operations that integrates with existing logistics, supply chain, and enterprise systems. It includes features like automated flight management for multiple drones, maintenance tracking, real-time tracking and telemetry, and geofencing for safe navigation, and emergency landing procedures, as well as robust reporting and analytics tools and more.


Known as ‘Tranquility Base’, Drone Delivery Canada operates a 100-acre demonstration and test facility north of Toronto. The facility is equipped with the infrastructure required for autonomous flight operations including three DroneSpotsContinued testing and customer demonstrations of the Aerieport remote drone nesting station will be relocated to Tranquility Base with flight operations transferred to the OCC to facilitate continued remote testing and regular customer demonstrations.


  • 20 km / 12 miles range
  • 4 kg / 10 lbs. payload
  • 12”x9”x6”
  • Suitable for parcels, medical tests, medicine, emergency kits, small parts, mail
  • Touchless cargo drop feature available


  • 20 km / 12 miles range
  • 4.5 kg / 10 lbs. payload
  • Suitable for parcels, medical tests, medicine, emergency kits, small parts, mail
  • Integrated scale feature
  • Touchless cargo drop feature available
  • New safety technology, aircraft parachute
  • Approved to fly over people


The engineering team at Drone Delivery Canada is known for its innovative design, development, and implementation. There is a well-equipped test lab, engineering office, and assembly facility adjacent to the OCC that facilitates a smooth transition from concept to commercialization. Developments to date have included a range of drones with varying capabilities, the FLYTE management system, and the infrastructure needed for drone delivery operations, including depots and smart charging stations.

INDUSTRIal applications

Through dedicating the first five years of its existence to developing and proving this technology, and ongoing R&D efforts, DDC are confident that its drone logistics system can be a vital tool for companies to advance their delivery models and improve efficiency. This disruptive technology has been enabling customers in a host of industries to access new markets while reducing lead times and costs.







This is only the beginning; several mid to long-term opportunities will position us strategically in emerging markets, including:


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Both companies stand to benefit by leveraging each other’s strengthsa tech company looking to commercialize, and an established services company looking for technologyand growing as a combined entity with the goal of becoming one of the largest drone companies globally.

To the best of our knowledge, the merger between Volatus and Drone Delivery Canada is one of the first major public to public mergers within the drone industry. This is a new benchmark for the industry and is a sign of a maturing industry.

Both companies are at the point of being able to truly leverage each other’s strengths to reach the next phase of growth. From an industry perspective, the time is right in terms of technology, regulations, and demand.

We’re starting to see maturity in the industry, and part of that is strategic consolidation. If we look back at the auto industry, there were many players in the beginning, today there are a handful of global players in the market.

The benefit is creating a stable and well-rounded company. Volatus and Drone Delivery Canada are bringing technology and commercial services together for longevity and innovation. Now that we’ve created a company that offers a wide variety of solutions and services, we can offer a diverse range of benefits to customers, investors and the community.


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