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Precision Agriculture

Leveraging our expertise in aerial imagery, multispectral data collection, and crop spraying for precision agriculture, Volatus Aerospace empowers farmers and the agricultural community to optimize their practices for a more environmentally sustainable future. Using cutting-edge drone technology, Volatus Aerospace can quickly and efficiently collect visual and multispectral data over hundreds – and even thousands – of acres per day, providing our agricultural clients with critical information to identify crop issues at an early stage, monitor crop growth, optimize nutrient utilization, and make informed decisions that lead to successful and profitable crop yields.


Our analytics-focused approach allows us to support the farming community in making data-driven decisions for efficient use of resources, achieving higher crop productivity, and contributing to a greener and more sustainable agricultural industry. Equipping our drones with the most up-to-date drone technology, including multispectral sensors and RTK mapping, allows for quick and efficient surveying of agricultural fields, providing immediate access to data to determine crop health and identify potential issues such as nutrient deficiencies, pest infestations, or water stress.

How It Works

  • Clorophyll

    Plants will often exhibit signature characteristics when they are stressed, thriving, dying, blooming, or infected. These signatures may not always be visible to the human eye; however, they will usually have a strong correlation to the content of chlorophyll within the photosynthetically active regions of plants. Healthy plants normally have greater chlorophyll content in their leaves than unhealthy plants.

  • Near Infrared and Red Edge

    Plants with high amounts of chlorophyll within their reflective structures will reflect a greater percentage of near-infrared and red edge light wavelengths emitted from the Sun than plants with lower amounts of chlorophyll. Therefore, in many cases, the amount of reflected near-infrared and red edge light that is reflected off a crop can be used as a marker to help quantify characteristics associated with the health of a plant.

  • Data Insights

    Volatus Precision Agriculture provides unique insights to vegetation growth, and our crop and plot trial research programs deliver timely, and accurate assessments based on high-resolution aerial imagery that can only be obtained using sensors flown at low altitudes by unmanned aerial systems (UAS), or “drones.”

Comprehensive Data Collection for Intelligent Decision Making


Volatus Aerospace utilizes a variety of multispectral sensors to provide comprehensive data to fulfill each customers’ unique requirements. These include the MicaSense Altum, Parrot Sequoia, and DJI M3 Multispectral.


We can provide cm-level geo referencing accuracy, precise to within 2-4cm absolute. All of our multi-flight projects use ground control targets to provide us with repeatable relative accuracies of between 0.2-2.0 cm between every flight. Perfect for plant elevations and biomass calculations!


Through the utilization of multispectral data, along with the application of the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), Normalized Difference Red Edge (NDRE), Optimized Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index (OSAVI), Yellowness Index, and many other indices, Volatus Aerospace provides comprehensive, precise, and timely data that delivers quantitative measurements of your plot trials. This information aids in the identification of problematic areas within a field, such as sections facing challenges caused by diseases, pests, water scarcity, or nutrient deficiencies.

As a result, farmers can detect issues at an early stage and make well-informed and targeted decisions regarding field management. These decisions have the potential to enhance crop yields, conserve resources, and minimize waste and expenses.

Volatus Aerospace can provide measurements for various crop traits including:

  • Plant Height

  • Vigor

  • Stand Count

  • Emergence Rates

  • Maturity Rates
  • Flowering Rates

  • Yield Estimates

  • Canopy Cover and more!

Crop TREATment

Volatus Aerospace is the leader in drone-based crop maintenance and preventative treatment services, driven by our commitment to provide cost-effective and environmentally sustainable practices to the agriculture community.

Crop Spraying

Traditional methods, such as crop dusting aircraft, are quickly becoming outdated with high costs and imprecise application, leading to the unnecessary exposure of healthy plants to pesticides. Volatus Aerospace’s drone-based crop spraying services utilize advanced imaging and multispectral technology, including infrared and red-edge sensors, to identify and target specific areas of crops that require treatment. This precise application significantly boosts efficiency, leading to optimal resource utilization and a reduction in the overall amount of product required, aligning with consumer preferences for reduced chemical usage on their products.

This combination of enhanced efficiency, optimized resource utilization, and reduced chemical usage through precise drone-based application represents a significant advancement in crop maintenance and treatment. Our crop spraying service not only benefits farmers by improving crop health and reducing costs, but also meets the demands of environmentally conscious consumers who seek products with fewer chemical residues.

Approved Canada-Wide for
Heavy Spray Drone Operations

Volatus Aerospace has special authority to operate heavy spray drones, allowing us to offer compliant drone crop spraying services for precision agriculture clients on a national scale. 

The current advanced drone regulations in Canada restrict the flight of a remotely piloted aircraft weighing over 25 kg within national airspace. The Transport Canada special authority given to Volatus Aerospace enables pilots trained through Volatus Aerospace’s training program, operating in compliance with Transport Canada’s conditions outlined in the approval, to operate throughout Canada.

For more information on the Transport Canada special authority approval, including the Volatus Aerospace agricultural flight training program, contact John Jonston, Sales Director for Agriculture at Volatus Aerospace.


Need Drone Solutions?

John Johnstone
Sales Director for Agriculture


Need Drone Services?

John Johnstone
Sales Director for Agriculture

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