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Drone Services for Energy & Utilities

We have experience inspecting:

Maximize Workflows and Prioritize Safety with Volatus Aerospace

At Volatus Aerospace, our innovative and integrated drone solutions provide the critical data and assets needed to make informed decisions, maximize workflows, and prioritize worker safety in the Energy & Utility industries.
  • Improve Real-Time Monitoring and Maximize Workflow Efficiency

    Eliminate the guesswork with real-time monitoring that identifies exactly where you need to go and how to get there. Utilizing machine learning, Volatus Aerospace quickly identifies common sources of damage in real-time, including broken transistors, frayed wires, hotspots, cracks, and erosions. Keep eyes on your critical assets at every moment, especially in dangerous and hard-to-reach locations, with real-time visibility of all areas, all while collecting the data you need to make informed decisions and allocate resources wherever required.

  • Multiply Your Workforce by Improving Efficiency and Time on Task

    Empower your teams to work smarter, not harder, by leveraging drone technology as a key member of your workforce. Reduce the time and potential risk of injury for workers by eliminating the need to climb up and down poles, travel along power lines, and perform dangerous tasks while increasing efficiency by reducing the manpower and resources needed to gather data. Effectively allocate resources and quickly collect data for monitoring assets over days, weeks, and months, allowing you to track changes over time, identify potential hazards, and preemptively deal with maintenance issues, all from the safety and comfort of your office.

  • Enable Faster Asset Tracking

    Quickly and remotely collect the data you need to understand how the environment affects your assets over time by comparing and contrasting historical information with real-time data collection. Get the data you need to create better budgets, better planning, and the ability to predict when it’s time for critical maintenance to keep your assets in working order and stay in compliance with regulatory standards.

  • Identify Hazards and Improve Worker Safety

    We give you data that allows you to be proactive, not reactive. At Volatus Aerospace, our integrated drone solutions provide accurate and precise geo-located data to help you identify common issues such as degradation, vegetation encroachment, leaks, rust, and cracks, without having to climb or hike to a location. This enables workers to quickly and safely access and repair damaged assets while reducing the risk of accidents and injuries by reducing the time spent climbing and accessing dangerous sites. By providing state-of-the-art reports that distill data into actionable insights, we empower decision-makers to improve worker safety and make informed decisions.

  • Let Drones Take On the Dull, Dirty, and Dangerous Jobs

    Eliminate the historical job hazards faced by energy and utility workers, including climbing tall structures, close proximity to high voltage, and entering potentially hazardous areas. Reduce the risk of costly outages or accidents by leveraging drone technology to inspect power lines, wind turbines, and other infrastructure to quickly and accurately assess damage or identify wear and tear. Address potential issues before they become severe and expensive problems.

  • Reduce Costs and Improve Budget Allocation

    Remove the need for outdated and costly manual inspections requiring a team of workers and specialized equipment to access hard-to-reach locations. With Volatus Aerospace, inspections can be conducted quickly and efficiently, providing real-time data on asset performance and allowing for proactive maintenance and repairs. Our Energy & Utility inspection services will help you reduce maintenance costs, increase equipment lifespan, and improve overall operational efficiency through an optimized maintenance schedule and asset inspection plan using our cutting-edge drone technology.

Continuous Monitoring with Drones


a drone-agnostic, rugged, and reliable docking station for beyond visual line of sight operations.


Transmission & Distribution Inspections

  • Comprehensive assessment of powerline condition
  • Thermal and High-Resolution Imagery to identify anomalies and hotspots
  • Identify vegetation encroachment and other hazards
  • Enhance worker safety
  • 3D modeling and mapping with lidar and photogrammetry
  • Asset Management
  • Digital Twins

Solar Inspections

  • Thermal & high-definition imagery for hotspot detection, panel degradation, and more
  • Monitor and survey assets
  • Security
  • Persistent remote data collection
  • 3D modeling and mapping with lidar and photogrammetry

Hydroelectric Inspections

  • Bathymetry
  • Leak and erosion detection
  • Emergency response
  • Surveying and mapping
  • 3D modeling and mapping with lidar and photogrammetry


  • 3D modeling and mapping with lidar and photogrammetry
  • Signal testing and outage detection
  • Improve worker safety and efficiency
  • Emergency response for outages
  • Vegetation and wildlife encroachment identification

Wind Turbine Inspections

  • Turbine blade inspection for erosion, rust, and defects
  • 3D modeling and mapping with lidar and photogrammetry
  • Thermal imaging

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