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Property Development & Maintenance

What we do

Volatus uses the latest technology to provide clients across North America with accurate and quality data. Our solutions range from photogrammetry to LIDAR. Land developers, property condition assessment, and architectural engineering firms, are using drone technology to decrease project times, reduce overall costs, and provide timely, detailed, and accurate survey grade results that equal or exceed traditional methods. Regular drone mapping updates keep projects on track and allow for all stakeholders to collaborate in a 3D environment during all development phases. Volatus has demonstrated a commitment to safety and to the creation of high-quality data products for builders, land developers, and general contractors.

Aerial Imagery and Mapping
If a picture tells a thousand words, aerial imagery can recount a novel. The scope of information contained within an aerial photo can reveal critical insights invisible from the ground. The same holds true for aerial videos, exposing viewers to a site-specific narrative situated within a broader spatial context. An orthophoto is a further enhancement of aerial data, attributing geographic coordinate values to each pixel and converting the image file into a measurable format. Accurate distances, dimensions, and areas can be easily derived from an orthophoto with a click of your mouse. Orthophoto tiles can also be merged to create an orthomosaic – a scale-corrected 2D aerial photographic map. Orthomosaics are often used as high resolution basemaps for mapping is GIS and for project documentation, management, and inventory. Digital surface models (DSM) and digital elevation models (DEM) are 2.5D terrain models that can also be derived from nadir aerial images using post processing software. While we generally recommend LiDAR for the most efficient and accurate DSMs/DEMs, we can also generate these outputs with aerial imagery, ground control points, and photogrammetry software. Applications Urban planning, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Property Development, Civil Engineering, Asset Inspections, Hydrology, Coastal Management, Agriculture, Forestry, Mining, Disaster Recovery, Insurance, etc. Standard File Formats JPEG, R-JPEG, TIFF, GeoTIFF, KML, PDF, SHP, and DXF.
3D Modeling
Volatus Aerospace provides a range of sophisticated 3D modelling solutions to clients across a range of industry verticals. Pairing our advanced data-capture workflow with industry-leading photogrammetry software, our team can generate geo-referenced, high-resolution textured reality meshes for projects at any scale. Reality meshes have become a critical tool for a range of applications, providing detailed spatial context as well as a framework for scenario and environmental modelling. In a globalized economy, projects are increasingly coordinated between stakeholders around the world. Reality meshes facilitate remote collaboration without sacrificing the efficiency or effectiveness of a project team. As leaders in a dynamic industry, we are constantly focused on testing, improving, and integrating emerging disruptive hardware and software advancements into our workflow. From urban development to infrastructure management to environmental monitoring, we are committed to a robust R&D process that seeks to leverage the latest technological advancements to better serve our clients. We also recognize the challenges of sharing data across a wide range of software platforms, which is why we have incorporated software agnostic web hosting of 3D models into our services. Applications Urban planning, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering, Asset Inspections, Property Development, Hydrology, Coastal Management, Environmental Monitoring, Forestry, Mining, Disaster Recovery, Insurance, etc. Standard File Formats FBX, OBJ, Cesium 3D Tiles, OSGB, ESRI i3s, Bentley 3SM/3MX, Skyline TerraExplorer 3DML, etc.
LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is the most efficient and arguably the most accurate technology used for spatial data collection. Using laser pulses to generate returns from millions of points, LiDAR sensors generate detailed 3D models of ground, vegetation, and infrastructural conditions. LiDAR sensors and processing workflows have evolved significantly over the last decade, with major improvements in sensor weight, accuracy, and trajectory correction opening the door to a range of autonomous and manual mobile data collection options. Volatus Aerospace offers cutting edge autonomous LiDAR solutions for a range of applications, pairing industry-leading UAV and vehicle-mounted LiDAR sensors with our specialized point cloud data classification workflows. Through this process, we generate accurate, georeferenced point clouds and derivative outputs at a fraction of the time and cost and with point densities surpassing those of traditional ground-based survey methods by an order of magnitude. As established UAV operators, our LiDAR workflows merge the highest safety and compliance standards with the most efficient data collection techniques. Using industry leading sensors, we are equipped to deliver colorized and classified point clouds and a range of derivative output files to meet even the tightest of project deadlines. Our team is also dedicated to sharing our knowledge of LiDAR and UAV technologies, helping to build capacity for adoption at scale. Applications Urban planning, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Property Development, Civil Engineering, Asset Inspections, Renewable Energy, Hydrology, Coastal Management, Agriculture, Forestry, Mining, Disaster Recovery, Insurance, etc. Standard File Formats LAS, LAZ, e57, POD.


Impress with a stunning time-lapse video showing the progress of your next job. View updated photos online for site monitoring from anytime, anywhere.

Our stationary and aerial time-lapse options allow for ongoing remote monitoring of projects. Shareable cloud access gives multiple stakeholders access to near real-time site data.

Aerial Perspective

Get your construction site photographed from an aerial view to gain a new perspective. From there, you’ll be able to plan, monitor, and track progress.

High-quality aerial images can be stitched for panoramas, view studies, architectural renderings and can help in permitting and marketing your project

Construction Timelapse


Reality models and digital twins are disrupting a wide range of industries, providing unprecedented insights and efficiency gains to informed users. However, getting acquainted with this powerful technology can feel like a daunting task.

The Volatus Aerospace team has your back. Drawing on our extensive experience as well as several helpful existing resources, we have compiled an intro guide available to anyone! The document reviews keywords, typical applications and use cases, as well as standard compatible file formats.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions!


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