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Employing advanced drone technology and leveraging industry expertise, Volatus Aerospace provides meticulous, data-driven inspection services that uncover actionable insights and provide accurate assessments, leading to enhanced efficiency and streamlined workflows across all industries.

Empowering Smarter Decision-Making through Comprehensive Inspections

At Volatus Aerospace, our mission is to equip you with actionable aerial data that drives tangible improvements across your operations. We understand the importance of aligning with your objectives and desired outcomes right from the start. With our years of experience flying drones, helicopters, and fixed wing aircraft combined with our subject matter expertise across all industries, we provide end-to-end inspection services you can trust.

By leveraging state-of-the-art aerial technology and analytics with versatile multi-payload capabilities, we are redefining the possibilities of aerial inspection services. We understand the value of seamlessly incorporating data deliverables into your existing workflow. We are a workforce multiplier, empowering you to make smarter decisions, streamline operations, and maximize overall efficiency to drive measurable results.

Drone Inspection Services Backed by Industry Expertise.

Our team of experienced professionals possesses industry-specific knowledge and expertise, enabling us to tailor our inspections to meet the unique requirements of your specific project. We understand that each industry has its own set of challenges and compliance standards, and we customize our inspection processes accordingly, ensuring the data you receive is not only accurate but also relevant and actionable.

Industries we serve include:

Asset Maintenance

Inspections help keep assets in top working order, promptly identifying any issues or maintenance requirements, keeping minor issues from becoming major headaches.

Regulatory Compliance

By conducting routine inspections, you ensure compliance with all necessary regulators, allowing you to meet and uphold required standards.

Environmental Impact

Using multispectral sensors, we detect leaks, erosion, and other environmental hazards to help you avoid costly asset performance degradation and downtime, while staying on-side with environmental requirements.

Change Detection

Regular inspections can help you ensure your projects stay on time and per specification, and you always have enough supplies on hand.

Real-Life Performance Metrics

Inspections reveal how assets perform in real-life conditions, to help you develop more realistic and proactive maintenance schedules, saving you time and money.

How Drone Inspections Ensure Safety, Compliance, & Quality

Consistent, ongoing inspections are crucial for multiple reasons, including maintenance and asset management, regulatory compliance, environmental impact analysis, construction monitoring, and change detection. We recognize the significance and importance of consistent inspections and offer comprehensive solutions to address these concerns.

Simultaneous Data Capture
For Deeper Insights

See the unseen before a hazard becomes a costly accident. By combining multiple payloads, including thermal, magnetometry, ground penetrating radar, LiDAR, multispectral, and gas detection, we offer insightful, comprehensive assessments that go beyond basic visual inspections. We provide a geo-referenced, comparative analysis, giving an even deeper insight into your assets and enabling informed decision-making. 

Here are just a few examples of how these sensors are being used by our pilots today:

Thermography / Infrared Inspections

Our licensed and skilled thermography / infrared inspectors detect thermal anomalies and dangerous hot spots before they become a problem.

Here are just a few examples of how we are using thermography today:

Facility Monitoring

  • Identify overheating components and potential failures
  • Optimize maintenance schedules and prevent costly breakdowns

Solar Energy

  • Assess solar panel performance and identify faulty cells
  • Maximize energy output and maintain peak efficiency

Agriculture & Irrigation Systems

  • Monitor crop health and detect irrigation inefficiencies
  • Optimize water usage and increase yield

Building Envelope

  • Identify thermal leaks and insulation gaps
  • Improve energy efficiency and reduce heating/cooling costs

Search & Rescue

  • Locate heat signatures of missing persons or survivors in emergencies
  • Aid in rescue operations and improve response times

Wildfire Hotspot Detection

  • Detect smoldering and underground fires in danger of reignition
  • Provide targeted heat maps for firefighters

Gas Detection

Using industry standard Boreal Laser GLD and optical gas detection, we map elevated levels of hazardous gasses that are invisible to the human eye, reporting anomalies with geo-referenced locations of elevated gas readings.

Optical Gas Detection

  • Identify gas leaks and emissions remotely with drones
  • Enhance safety in industries such as oil and gas, chemical, and manufacturing
  • Detect minute traces of hazardous gas emissions
  • Ensure compliance with safety regulations and prevent accidents

Boreal Laser Gas Detection

  • Detect and measure methane
  • Ideal for industries such as oil and gas, mining, and environmental monitoring
  • Using a piloted aircraft-mounted system, we provide precise leak detection that allows for the quick identification and measurement of hazardous gasses

Aerial Inspection Services for Hard-to-Reach Areas

  • Inspect areas with limited ground accessibility
  • Conduct comprehensive inspections in remote or challenging environments

Magnetometry & Ground Penetrating
Radar Inspections

Our magnetometry and ground penetrating radar inspection services are indispensable for resource exploration, identification of mineral deposits, detection of buried mines and unexploded ordnances, unmarked grave detection, and improved planning and foundation placement. These payloads offer invaluable insights for industries involved in construction, mining, and many other services.

Magnetometry for Resource Exploration

  • Identify potential mineral deposits and exploration targets
  • Optimize resource extraction and exploration efforts

Ground Penetrating Radar for Construction and Mining

  • Detect underground objects, utilities, and rock formations
  • Improve planning, foundation placement, and safety in construction and mining projects–know before you dig.

Detection of Buried Mines and Unexploded Ordnances

  • Safely identify hidden explosives and other underground hazards
  • Improve safety in military, humanitarian, and security operations

Restoration, Reconciliation, & Restitution Efforts

  • Aid in forensic investigations and historical preservation of unmarked, underground burial sites for reconciliation efforts.

Understand Your Assets
Inside and Out

Confined Space Inspections

Ensure the safety of your personnel while obtaining accurate and actionable information with our confined space inspection services. With our expertise and advanced drone technology, Volatus Aerospace can safely navigate and inspect confined spaces, delivering accurate results and mitigating risks associated with manual inspections.

Safe Access to Confined Spaces

  • Utilize drones to access and navigate tight and hazardous spaces
  • Minimize the need for human entry, reducing potential risks to personnel

Comprehensive Inspections and Mapping

  • Capture high-resolution sensor data
  • Build a comprehensive 3D map documenting the condition and integrity of the space

Identification of Hazards and Defects

  • Detect underground objects, utilities, and rock formations
  • Improve planning, foundation placement, and safety in construction and mining projects–know before you dig.

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