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Your Trusted Partner for Aerial Intelligence Solutions

At Volatus Aerospace,
our mission is clear: to provide unmatched innovation, reliability, and expertise in every aerial intelligence solution.

As an innovator of aerial intelligence solutions, we seamlessly merge cutting-edge technology with extensive specialized expertise in every flight mission. Our unique methodology provides our clients unprecedented access to advanced data, enhancing operational efficiency, cutting costs, and empowering fact-based decision-making for successful business outcomes.

Services We Provide

Learn about our diverse range of drone and fixed-wing services tailored to meet your exact needs. Each service is designed to optimize efficiency, accuracy, and safety, ensuring superior results for your project.

Drone Inspections

Explore drone inspections for high-quality, cost-effective drone-based images, video, and data for analysis, surveying, mapping, and more

Lidar Services

Discover lidar services that leverage the latest aerial, terrestrial, bathymetric, and subsurface data collection technology



Learn about our fixed-wing and rotary surveillance operations, ensuring that your assets are protected and monitored with precision



Volatus Aerospace delivers full-scale aerial solutions across a diverse range of industries, including agriculture, construction, energy, and public safety. With experts in every field, we understand the unique challenges of each sector, tailoring solutions specifically for your industry needs.

Industry Leading Drone Training

Stay ahead in the drone industry by acquiring the skills that set you apart. Our inclusive drone training programs provide flexible learning options, offering both online and in-person courses and covering a diverse range of critical skills and knowledge. Whether a novice or an experienced pilot, our courses are expertly crafted to accommodate your individual learning preferences and deliver a comprehensive education on drone operations.

Enterprise &
Commercial Equipment

Explore Volatus Drones for an extensive range of enterprise and commercial-grade drone equipment, including cutting-edge UAVs, payloads, sensors, and software solutions, all sourced from industry-leading manufacturers.
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