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Volatus Aerospace Demonstrates Readiness to Produce & Commercialize Life-Saving Drone Technology

Drone AED Delivery Screen View

Cutting-edge technology demonstrated in Simcoe County is set to improve emergency response times.

Drones delivering life-saving equipment like defibrillators, EpiPens and naloxone could be a game-changer, something Volatus is developing. Volatus began work on a drone-enabled emergency response solution when the County of Simcoe Paramedic Service identified an elevated risk caused by delays getting to remote patients in such a large, and often remote, service area. On Thursday, October 14th, Volatus demonstrated the readiness of the solution they have developed, streaming live-video feeds as paramedics coached those assisting the patient via a live video link.

Simcoe County Warden George Cornell, speaking with the press after the demonstration, was quoted as saying that “No one touched a button [on the drone]. A GPS location was uploaded into the drone and an operator basically hit ‘go’ from a control center. Today, within six minutes and 10 seconds, the mission was complete. I’m very happy with today’s results.”

“The county and its paramedic services are demonstrating what I consider to be world-class thought leadership by exploring the possibility of integrating drone-enabled solutions into their daily operations,” said Volatus Aerospace CEO Glen Lynch. “Our solution ties directly into emergency response systems ensuring that all aspects of a drone-enabled emergency response are controlled by the service while also ensuring that no data goes through a third party”

Volatus shared, with an audience of local politicians and representatives of Simcoe County, the components of the solutions, which include Avidrone’s drone fleet of endurance and high capacity drones, IRIS Automation’s detect-and-avoid technology (CASIA), Echodyne’s MESA radar, the HIVE droneport, and the pocket-sized defibrillator distributed by MediQuest Technologies. While the ultimate delivery vehicle, nesting station, continues to be defined and developed; Volatus incorporated the DJI Matrice 300 into its first-round solution as its control, payload and range capabilities worked very well with this first-round demonstration.

The industry still needs to work with and support the evolution of regulations with air transport authorities like Transport Canada and the FAA. Volatus continues to develop a solution that will be ready to go once regulations allow for low-risk Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations.





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