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Simcoe County explores cutting-edge technology to cut emergency response times

Drone Delivering AED


Updated Oct. 14, 2021 4:37 p.m. PDTPublished Oct. 14, 2021 2:25 p.m. PDT FOR ORIGINAL HERE


Cutting-edge technology is being explored in Simcoe County as part of a strategy to improve emergency response times.

Drones delivering life-saving equipment like defibrillators, EpiPens and naloxone could be a game-changer and something Volatus Aerospace is working to develop.

“The use cases are growing as fast as you can imagine a solution they’re being developed,” said Volatus Aerospace CEO Glen Lynch. “It’s an exciting time to be in the drone industry.”

A drone would deliver necessary equipment before an ambulance gets to where it’s going, which is why Warden George Cornell said County council was “supporting further exploration of our paramedic team, looking into what the options are and what the availability is.”

Cornell said the County is looking to expand first aid training in schools and develop a community responder program.

“The more people that are properly trained and available to support the professionals, the paramedics, obviously, the better for the outcomes and health of residents within the County of Simcoe,” he added.

While the possibilities seem endless for what drones can do, turning them into reality is a work in progress.

“There are regulatory changes that are necessary to enable it that is happening in Canada and the U.S. over the foreseeable future,” Lynch added.

Volatus Aerospace anticipates it could take two to three years before drones are helping to save lives, but the County is preparing for that day by exploring it in the upcoming budget process.





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