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PhaseOne Camera Systems

M300 Phase One Flying

We are pleased to announce the partnership with Phase One, the iXM medium format aerial camera manufacturer designed for UAVs by the leading experts and engineers in the field.

Lee Dodson, Volatus Aerospace VP, has tested the Phase One P3 iXM 100MP payload integrated with the DJI M300. He had this to say:

“This integrated solution delivers a new level of precision and detail for high-resolution mapping and inspection applications. It does indeed raise the bar and is a game-changer for the drone services industry. I ran it through several missions. It can achieve sub-mm GSD from more than 20 meters away with crystal clear, distortion-free images. Now we can inspect assets from a safe distance and peer under structures, all without losing essential GPS positioning and telemetry data. This high level of detail means less time needed on-site, less flight time and a more efficient workflow.”

Nick Onelio, Phase One Area Sales Manager, stated:

“Our partnership with Volatus Aerospace is a big-time step forward in expanding our Canadian footprint.”

Volatus plans to offer clients an annual subscription option that will provide access to the game-changing capabilities of the M300 integrated with the Phase One P3 iXM, in addition to purchase and lease agreements.







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