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Hydra is a fully modular, customizable robotic crawler platform designed with safety in mind.

A Robotic Crawler Built for Safety

Outfitted with wear-resistant all-terrain treads and built on a solid metal chassis, the Hydra is a robotic crawler platform controlled with a rugged dual-screen remote and equipped with an easy-to-use customizable switch layout. Designed for use in a variety of applications with a wide range of payloads, this versatile robotic crawler handles challenging terrains and dangerous situations with ease, prioritizing the safety of your team members in even the toughest of conditions.

Navigating Tough Situations Has Never Been Easier

  • Built for Difficult Terrains

    Outfitted with wear resistant all-terrain treads and a solid metal chassis, the Hydra can handle up to 120 kilograms with a standard three hour runtime in a 5-kilometer range.

  • User-Friendly Control System

    The Hydra features a dual-screen remote with single joystick motion control and up to 8 programmable custom functions designed to easily control a wide range of payloads.

  • Versatility to Get the Job Done

    Designed for versatility with many applications, the Hydra is equipped to handle payloads including gas detection sensors, thermal cameras, lidar, and robotic arms, or add your own payload using our third-party integration package.

  • Optional Accessories

    Customizable to fit your exact needs, the Hydra offers optional upgrades to increase range, including a 5G 4 SIM LTE module and a larger 6-hour battery.

Included with Hydra

The Hydra is a strong tank-based platform that is designed to be compatible with many different types of payloads including gas detector, lidar, TPMS sensor, thermal camera, and many more. It includes:
  • RC

  • RC Charging Cord

  • Battery

  • Charger

  • Hydra Tank

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