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Vedette E & M


  • The largest fuselage payload capacity in the 55 lbs category.

  • We have demonstrated that wildlife is not disturbed by the Vedette E (electric), it is whisper quiet.

  • Endurance for both the E and M are outstanding: more than 2 hours for the electric and more than 10 hours for the multi-fuel.

  • The multi-fuel has more than 800-kilometre range, with a max cruise of 185 kph, a search speed of 85 kph.

  • An automatic take-off of less than 3.7 metres.

  • Landing on ship auto-land is less than 13 metres.

  • Outstanding multiple sensor capabilities in both the payload bay and wings.

Vedette m

The Vedette M is a long-range, high-endurance, Beyond-Visual-Line-Of-Sight (BVLOS) aircraft that can operate for up to 24 hours continuously. Its dynamic platform allows for a variety of fuel options for added versatility. The customizable payload bay can accommodate up to 40 lbs.

The platforms have demonstrated their remarkable capabilities in hot spot monitoring for wildfires (Burwash OMNR tests) and wildlife surveys (Goose Bay surveying caribou, and Igloolik surveying whales), and mapping exposed unexploded ordnance.

Vedette E

The Vedette E is our greenest aircraft, equipped with an electrical motor that can operate for up to 3 hours. It can accommodate up to 40 lbs of payload in our customizable bay.

Built with a Lightweight Carbon Fibre for Efficient Flight:


  • Multi-fuel Combustion Engine OR Brushless Electric Motor for Long Duration Missions, Training, Short Missions

Primary Onboard Flight Systems:

  • Autopilot for Autonomous Operations
  • RTK Precision Auto-Landing System for Autonomous Landing
  • Redundant Failsafe for Programmable Response to Component Failure



To collect photo-id quality images of Bowhead Whales

  • Nikon 36 MP DSLR, 2 Go-pro​

  • Needed two pilots to meet VLOS requirements: one onshore handing over to one in the guide boat​

  • Flew at 140 – 180 m, resolution 1.2 cm @140 m​

  • Excellent quality images of whales and birds​

  • UAV did not disturb whales but birds sometimes reacted​

  • DSLR results superior to observer photos ​

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