flexible, multi-role platform

Multi-role, Single platform

Designed in accordance with front-line Ukrainian troop requests, we present the flexible, multi-role platform, Peremoha. Designed as a hand launched, low cost, long endurance aircraft the Peremoha can adapt to a multitude of missions. The base aircraft can be equipped with a variety of different payload kits for true flexibility. Surveillance, intelligence, reconnaissance, fire control, and logistics can be all done from the same platform flown with the same controller.


Max Speed: 
100 km/h

Max Altitude:
6 km

Up to 180 mins

30 km (FCC)

Temp Range:
-10 to +40

Up to 4x Lithium Ion


Max take off weight:


  • 100 Mph Speed

  • Nose Mounted Camera

  • Shorter Endurance

  • High Maneuverability

  • Flown FPV

  • Large Forward Bay able to carry up 4kg load

  • Power Available


  • Target Location
  • Belly Mounted 10x Zoom Day Camera or
  • 10x Zoom Camera with Thermal Imager
  • Long Endurance Battery Fit

All aircraft come with a belly mounted servo system design for a camera retraction system. This allows retraction of the camera for landing. The same servo can remotely activate any internal payload if the camera is not fitted. Very Low Audio Signature, Silent above 200m (600ft AGL).


  • Fire Control

  • Belly Mounted 30x Low Light Zoom Camera
  • Thermal Imager

  • Laser Range Finder

  • Accurate Target Coordinates

  • Long Endurance

  • Picture in Picture Display

  • Accurate Target Coordinates

  • 3000m stand off ranging

Battlefield Mapping

  • Nose Mounted Camera

  • Long Endurance

  • Belly Mounted Mapping Cameras

  • Multi Spectrum Cameras also available

  • Datalink Jamming immune in this mode

  • Very Wide Mapping footprint at 120 mega Pixel Equivalent (5x 24mp)


  • Common Ground Control Station
  • Common Software

Electronic Warfare

  • Nose Mounted Camera

  • Long Endurance Fit (Up to 3 Hours)

  • Specialized Equipment installed

  • 4kg Load with sufficient Power to run Electronic Systems

  • Locate Emitting Targets

  • Electronic Direction Finding & Geo Locating devices

  • Counter Air Defense – High Radar Cross section Device

  • 3rd rear lower bay available for low SWAP items or expendables (Chaff etc)