Marlyn Cobalt

Maximize your surveying potential

Marlyn Cobalt is a PPK-enabled hybrid — VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) fixed-wing drone designed for absolute accuracy and speed.


Rugged, flexible, and recyclable, Marlyn Cobalt’s three-part EPP foam body has been engineered to operate in the most challenging conditions with increased surveying speed, accuracy, and control. With a cruise speed of 65 km/h and a flight time of up to 50 minutes, the wingtip-mounted propellers and large tail-fin give Marlyn Cobalt stability in survey/airplane mode while constantly correcting altitude to get the sharpest aerial images in the toughest of winds.

A UAV Designed to Fly When and Where Others Cannot

Survey any time

Wind conditions of up to 45km/h at ground level and 55km/h at cruise altitude, resulting in more days spent flying and fewer days stuck on the ground due to changing weather patterns.

Survey Anywhere

Needing only a 2x2m flat area to take off and land, Marlyn Cobalt allows for greater flexibility in a wide range of terrains and surveying situations.

Increased efficiency

Speed up your data capture by surveying large areas up to 30x faster than traditional land surveying methods, and up to 10x faster than Multicopter drones.
  • Advanced Software

    Navigator and Geotagger comprise the professional software package included with Marlyn, enabling you to complete surveys with ease all while being supported by the best software available in the business.

  • Absolute Accuracy

    Accuracy within 1cm using Sony’s 42MP, full-frame RX1RII integrated with a high-end GNS receiver for PPK for professional aerial surveying

  • Modular System for In-Field Swaps

    Be ready for anything — need an accurate DSM followed up by a multispectral survey? Marlyn Cobalt's compatibility with three separate cameras (SONY RX1RII, MicaSense RedEdge-P & MicaSense Altum PT) and quick-swap system mean you’re ready to fly again in just a minute.

  • Quick & Easy Assembly

    Marlyn’s three-part EPP foam body can be assembled by one person in less than a minute. Easy backpack transport is also perfect for those heading off the beaten track.

Applications for
Marlyn Cobalt

  • Construction & Infrastructure

  • Surveying & GIS

  • Mining & Aggregates

  • Environmental Protection

  • Precision Agriculture

Included with Marlyn Cobalt

Radio Connections:
Marlyn Cobalt Radio Module & RC

Battery Charger:
ISDT Double Charger (60min per pair)

2 sets – Each below 100Wh

Backpack & Accessories Case

Navigator & GeoTagger (+ Updates)

How to Survey with Marlyn Cobalt

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Marlyn Cobalt

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