Unmatched VTOL Power & Capabilities

Fixar 007

FIXAR 007 is a vertical takeoff and landing commercial drone with primary application in Aerial Photography, Monitoring, UAV Mapping & Surveying, Mining, Oil & Gas, Energy, and Agricultural sectors. The intuitive approach to working with the ground control station makes it possible for anyone to use the FIXAR 007. With inertial orientation, FIXAR 007 can work stably under magnetic anomalies and in the event of satellite loss.


Flight Preparation
Less than 5 min
Maximum Payload
2000 g
1540 mm
Speed (Max)
27 m/s
Speed (Cruise)
19 m/s
Ascension Rate
5-10 m/s
Flight time
60 mins
Maximum Flight Range
25 km
Maximum Flight Distance
60 km
Wind Resistance in Vertical Flight
12 m/s
Operating Temperature
from -30 to +60 degrees
Case Dimensions
95.5 * 69 * 36.5 cm
Case weight with equipment
26 kg

Payload options

Technical Comparison