Airial Robotics


Ultra-safe, heavy-duty, long-distance, all-weather UAVs built to aviation standards for professional drone pilots


A versatile gyro/helicopter hybrid UAV solution engineered for a wide range of applications

Increase Flight time, Payload, Range and Speed with a Revolutionary Hybrid UAV

The GT25 Gyrotrak is a disruptive gyro/helicopter hybrid UAV solution designed for increased flight time, payload, range and speed. Built for BVLOS operations with manned aviation in mind, the GT25 system prioritizes safety, night flight and all-weather capabilities to allow for a wide range of applications in even the most difficult flight situations.

Key Features

  • Limitless VTOL and hovering

  • 2+ hours of flight time

  • Up to 9kg of mission payload

  • All weather and night flight capability

  • Autonomous autorotation landing

  • Multiple redundancies, CS-LURS certifiable

  • Built for BVLOS missions, 150km (90 miles) range

  • Very low noise emissions

  • Fully customizable

  • Dual main motor, full operational on a single motor electric drive

  • Low maintenance and operation cost

  • Choice of data links


A heavy lift cargo drone designed to safely operate under the most extreme weather conditions

Navigate Through Heavy Winds and High Elevations While Carrying Heavy Payloads

  The CT30 Cargotrak features a large diameter rotor allowing it to remain stable in heavy winds and perform at extremely high elevations while carrying up to 10kg of payload. Equipped with multiple redundanct systems, including twin motors, a positioning system, autopilot, and an automatic emergency landing in autorotation, the CT30 Cargotrak maintains a high level of operational safety while being an extremely reliable UAV.

Key Features

  • Multiple Redundant Systems

  • Up to 10kg payload capacity

  • Carry cargo and sensors

  • Positioning system, autopilot, main motor and multi-communication options

  • Automatic emergency landing autoration

  • Safe and reliable, twin engine design

  • IP65 Rating

  • Able to operate at up to 30kg all-up weight where permitted.


The agricultural workhorse engineered for heavy duty precision farming

UAV Technology Designed to Make
Precision Farming More Efficient

  An agricultural workhorse designed to make heavy duty precision farming more efficient, the AT25 Agritrak sprays up to 16 liters of liquid in a single rotor-optimized spray pattern for maximum spray dispersion.

Key Features

  • 25kg MTOW heavy lift UAV platform

  • 25 minutes flight/ spray time with 16 liters of liquid fertilizer

  • Single rotor optimized spray pattern for maximum spray dispersion

  • All weather, high wind capability – IP65 rated

  • Fully autonomous

  • Swarm capability for maximum area coverage

  • Multispectral camera option

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